The Instructor Candidate Course is an online course for our future instructors to discover the true essence of being a black belt for the Martial Arts Unlimited Association. Getting your black belt is one of the hardest things you can achieve. You will be representing not just yourself, but also your instructor, your dojo, and the association. Others will see our product through you and to ensure that we have developed a quality instructor, our leadership team has spent years putting together the Instructor Candidate Course.

During your training you will develop skills and knowledge in the following areas:

1. Teaching Attributes, Strategies, and Communication Skills
2. Medical Training
3. Martial Skills and Attributes foundational to your art(s)
4. Selling and Marketing Skills
5. How to run a business
6. How to develop a quality martial art program
7. Organizational skills

In addition to the above mentioned, this course will have you research key individuals, theories, and historical data that will educate you and help qualify your knowledge base. The final goal will be your certification as a Martial Arts Unlimited Association Instructor. The cherry on top will be your black belt!

You will enroll in MyIcc, one of the first online colleges that you will attend to complete your M.A.U.A. instructor training.  When you finish the program you will be rewarded with the official Martial Arts Unlimited Association’s qualified instructor certificate.